New Styles, Old Styles

Statue of Liberty

  • Get the robes from the Angel costume in the store.
  • Change skin color to green (or blue).
  • The hair is from Speeding Spike on Super Power Island.
  • Use the torch cheat from the Cheats page to get the torch in your hand.
  • Dye your hair green.
  • You can use whatever mouth you want, but the mouth I used is from the first girl you see on Reality TV Island.
  • Hawaiian Girl 
    • Hair: Get it from the girl inside the Visitor’s Center on Shark Tooth Island.
    • Shirt: Found on the same girl you got the hair from.
    • Skirt & leggings: Found on Shark Tooth Island on the man who is selling grass skirts. (Click on him and he will give you a skirt. Then, customize with his leggings.)
    • Lei:  This is found on Shark Tooth Island on the man outside the Coconut Cafe.
    • Ukelale: Use the Costume Closet cheat -friend the username 55990022567.
    • Golden Ball
      • Bangs & belt: Purple girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
      • Lips: Yellow Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
      • Skirt: Gold Royal Ball (75 Credits)
      • Shirt: White Prom Queen (75 Credits)
      • Necklace: Aphrodite on Mythology Island
      • Hair: Vampire Girl 3 (75 Credits)
      • Magenta Ball
        • Hair: Veruca Salt on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
        • Necklace: Golden Harbor on Skullduggery Island
        • Skirt: Magenta Royal Ball (75 Credits)
        • Shirt: Beach girl on Mythology Island
        • Belt & bow: Merry Muse on Reality TV Island
        • Lips: Girl in Herc’s Hurt on Mythology Island
        • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)
        • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
        • Female Scientist
          • Jacket: Scientist on Super Power Island
          • Lips: Anything!
          • Dress: Lady in B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island
          • Hair: Whatever you want!
          • Glasses: You can find these on multiple islands, including the Inventor on Game Show Island
          • Bangs: Fan on motel roof on Reality TV Island
          • Clipboard: Scientist in Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab
          • Zombie Rock Star
            • Buy the Rock Star 2 costume and copy the black hair and bangs, purple shirt, and purple guitar.
            • Buy the Rock Star 1 costume and copy the jacket and belt.
            • Any pants/skirt would work.
            • Get the green face from the Zombify! power from the Haunted House.
            • Nature Green Poet
              • Shirt & lips: Girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
              • Skirt: Girl near the blimp on Counterfeit Island
              • Belt: Green Pop Star (75 Credits)
              • Hat: Tour guide by the underground tunnel on Counterfeit Island
              • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
              • Hair: Gamer Girl (75 Credits)
              • Scarf: Pilot on Nabooti Island
              • Mermaid/Naiad
                • Make your hair a light-ish pink.
                • Using the Mythology Surfer (Store), get the Poseidon top and necklace. Also get the belt if you want.
                • Get Gamer Girl’s hair (Store). If you don’t want to spend more credits, you could get similar hair from the girl in black on the Main Street of Cryptids 
                • Use a Geisha’s bottom skirt. (Red Dragon Island)
                • Now, make your skin as close as possible to the color of the skirt.
                • Get the Fairy Queen (Store), and use her lips and bangs which include a tiara.
                • Get the Swamp Monster’s fin. (Store)
                • Get the bubble follower from the Classic Follower Pack (Store).
                • Classic Characters

                • Harry Potter
                  • Complete the first part of Red Dragon island until you can get to the tree house and find Jack. Copy his hair, and don’t worry if your hair is not black yet.
                  • Go left and copy the jacket, red tie, and white button down shirt from the guy standing in front of one of the buildings on Main Street on Red Dragon
                  • Go to 24 Carrot island and go in the Carrot King Diner. Click on the drink stand. Fill your cup completely with black and drink it, and your hair will turn completely black. If you want you can hit Ctrl + Shift + H until your hair turns black
                  • Go to Time Tangled island. Go in Pendulum’s Lab and copy the glasses from the guy standing next to the time machine.
                  • Complete the Haunted House miniquest by getting it in the Store. When you are done go down and copy the witch’s broom.
                  • Get the cape from the magician’s costume.

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